InstructorProf. Ahmet Ali Yanik

Contact Information:  
Email:        Phone: 831-459-3491


Assistant: Imran Hossain

Contact Information:  



Email lab related questions and comments to the course TA, Imran Hossain at

If you have not received an email from TA on Jan 7th, please email to TA ( ASAP. 



Lab Sessions 

Thursday 11:00-1:30

Friday 9:00-11:30

Friday 12:30-3:00

Room: Baskin Engineering 162 



Welcome To EE 135L!

We will have 4 labs this quarter, one every other week.

You will be able to do the experiments while the TA is present in the lab, so attendance to the section you are enrolled is mandatory to pass the lab.

There will be a pre-lab exercise, lab work sheet will be posted before each lab.  

Complete the pre-lab exercise before the lab. TA will collect it as you come into the lab.  

Please read the lab work sheet before the lab, so you can finish the lab in time.